About Donnie Jones

As a college basketball coach for over 28 years with back-to-back National Championships while at the University of Florida, a scout for the Los Angeles Clippers and now as an Assistant Coach with the Wichita State Shockers, I know what it takes to help you build your team into a winner!

You know one of the things that drives my passion for coaching every single day is the fact that I get to add value to people and help them reach their dreams. Billy Graham once said:

“Coaches have more impact on a young person in one season than a pastor can in a lifetime”

5 Daily Standards That Drive My Passion For Adding Value To People

1. Positivity
Be an Energy Giver. We can choose our attitude everyday. Do you know the average child laughs two hundred times a day and the average adult only four. I know it sounds simple but with a positive attitude we can change the world in an instant. Being Positive only makes us and everyone around us better.

2. Humility
Humility is the quality of being humble and free from pride and arrogance. We should strive to be peacemakers who loves and forgives others. We’ve all made bad decisions and had things happen to us but if we are able to tear down the barrier and forgive, it opens up opportunities for us to add value to others.

3. Love
Compassion and caring leads to trust. John Maxwell said it best “ People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” 4 ways I show love is to Listen-Love-serve-and care I have learned through life that the Ultimate Human Currency is Trust as you can not buy it only earn it. It’s so important to keep loving as greatness is determined by service to others.

4. Communication
Communication to a relationship is like Oxygen to life. Without it,It dies. Anytime you have a void in communication-negativity fills it and it grows. So remember to be careful with your words as they have influence on the hearts and minds of others.

5. Unity
Just like a great team, true unity is made when you put aside individual wants for the collective good of the group. The power of unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, so many wonderful things can be achieved.

What They’re Saying…

"Having spent 4 decades as a Soldier, I always enjoy watching individuals who have terrific leadership skills engage others. Donnie Jones has those skills – the attributes and competencies we associate with great leaders - in spades! I’ve watched in awe as he engages with college and professional athletes, and I’ve been amazed at how he can generate energy in a room full of corporate executives. Donnie is charismatic, selfless and caring, and he leads and develops others in a masterful way. A terrific coach, gifted trainer, and passionate human being. He knows what right looks like, and he helps others gain valuable insights into leadership."

Mark Hertling

Mark Hertling

Lieutenant General, US Army (Ret.) Website

"Donnie Jones is an incredibly dynamic and charismatic speaker who aspires for greatness in all he does. He speaks truth and wisdom thru his success and more success about the biggest game of all...."GAME OF LIFE." If you are looking to "FIRE UP" your group or organization then Donnie is your man. He has an amazing success formula he shares in his presentations and will have everyone on the edge of their seats. Donnie has lived "PEAK PERFORMANCE" and has a unique ability to convey his thoughts and ideas to other. Simply and amazing person and family man. A SURE FIRE WINNER!!!!!"

Greg White

Greg White

Motivational Speaker Website

If you want your Team/Company to be totally prepared everyday, have clarity in their mission, have a clear vision and be strategic thinkers? You need to hire the COACH Donnie Jones! I trust him with my team and I work with the highest paid players, coaches & business leaders in the World!

Brendan Suhr

Brendan Suhr

2-Time NBA Champion Coach Website